As observation and exploration of space evolves, what was once only accessible by a chosen few will become available to the many. SPACELIFE is a newly founded luxury brand that draws its inspiration from this fact, utilizing advanced technology and future proof engineering to create products that will allow you to explore the frontiers of the past, present and future.

SPACELIFE is a Dutch company based in The Netherlands, who wants to inspire people with high quality products with a wink to the Space Industry.

SPACELIFE was created out of the love for discovery, sparked by the very first moon landing and ignited by the rapid technological developments of the last years.

With commercial space travel prospects and serious initiatives such as SpaceX, MARS ONE, who are working on creating a permanent human settlement on Mars within the next 10 years, SPACELIFE believes that the ‘space life’ is no longer a thing of the distant future.

SPACELIFE wants to share this adventure and make it tangible through products that combine the innovation of space travel with the comfort and luxury we use daily. Keeping in mind that our planet will not be forgotten and ensuring sustainable production.